Meet Sandra, Seattle Driver and Caregiver

Meet Sandra, Seattle Driver and Caregiver

Meet Sandra, a 5-star-driver in Seattle with almost 1,000 rides. Sandra's not only taking great care of passengers when she's behind the wheel — she's also the primary caregiver for her 33-year-old daughter, Mona, who has Down syndrome. We had the chance to sit down with Sandra and Mona and hear their story.

The pair spend nearly all of their time together, exploring downtown Seattle or walking the beach by their house. Eight to ten days a month Mona spends time with her dad. Sandra fills her spare time with a myriad of activities: she has done extensive genealogy research in her own family, she dabbles in bead work, she writes, and she explores the beaches of the PNW. “I like going to beaches after there have been storms and just looking to see what has been stirred up,” she says. If that wasn't enough, Sandra's also studying Spanish; one of her goals is to become fluent.

In fact, that goal is related to one of her most memorable Lyft stories. Sandra was driving a Spanish-speaking family around Seattle, and she picked up a few words they were saying, but she wasn't really listening. Then “suddenly it just went [snaps her fingers] and I understood everything they were saying.” She says driving with Lyft helps her learn Spanish, as well as hear other languages —so far she's noted passengers who speak Spanish, French, German, Pakistani, Hindi, Urdu, and Uzbekistani.

Sandra also uses those eight to ten days a month to drive. Her favorite part of driving with Lyft is that she is able to “make [her] own hours,” and she notes it’s been “a godsend” for her, allowing her to make money and still be a full-time caregiver to her daughter. 

Thanks, Sandra, for being such a wonderful part of the Lyft Seattle community!


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