Miami: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Miami: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

From saving up for that dream vacation to just connecting with your city, the reasons you choose to drive and ride with Lyft are as unique as you are. We’re celebrating drivers and passengers from the Lyft community by sharing their reasons for choosing Lyft. Head to to see more stories, and to share your own.

In his previous life as a waiter at fine dining restaurants, Alex learned a thing or two about what makes for a great Miami experience.

Now, as a Lyft driver, Alex mixes that knowledge together with his passion for entrepreneurship and family. “I have a lot of commitments, including making time for my family and for myself,” says Alex. “Lyft makes that much easier. You just have to sign up and get started. It feels totally natural. You manage your own time. I love that. Lyft is a now daily habit for me. It fits into my life, and allows me to spend time with those who are close to me.”

One of the main things that attracted him to Lyft was safety. “I always talk about safety. I love how you are able see your driver and passenger.” When he isn’t driving on with Lyft, Alex makes use of his industry knowledge to get the best deals at Miami’s great eateries and watering holes. No matter whether you are looking for a big room party, good Brazilian barbeque, or a way to cool down, take a look at Alex’s top ten tips for the Magic City:

  1. If you're on the beach, start your morning on Ocean Drive. Breakfast specials are affordable at most hotel restaurants, but skip the overpriced juice ($7-15 a glass, even without booze).
  2. Latin beats. For those who favor a little Latin flavor, it's hard to top the world-famous Mango's Tropical Cafe on Ocean Drive. Live music, dancing, drinks, and more.
  3. Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers. Located just south of Wynwood in Midtown, this place brings the Brazilian fast-casual concept stateside.
  4. Do it live. South Beach's Jazid and Midtown's Bardot resonate with music lovers due to their ability to find unique talent while offering an intimate but still in-your-face experience.
  5. Grand Central is a large warehouse nightclub on the outskirts of Downtown Miami that brings every culture in Miami together to drink, dance, and have a damn good time.
  6. Miami’s neighborhood bars, like Scully's Tavern and the Bar in the Gables, are down-to-earth drinking holes that locals prefer but also serve as a great way to experience Miami culture.
  7. For lunch, It's hard to beat La Sandwicherie. Hearty sandwiches, healthy smoothies, and fresh salads with all the fixings.
  8. Want to feel like you’re in the jungle? Jungle Island’s three entertaining shows feature some of the wildest animals from around the globe.
  9. The Venetian Pool is an aquatic facility unlike any other in the country. The pool was created in 1924 from a coral rock quarry, and is perfect if you want somewhere to take your kids or just chill with friends.
  10. Check out Little Havana for a taste of Cuba. From boliche to cigars, this neighborhood will draw you in.

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