This #NameYourCarDay, Use Our Name Generator

This #NameYourCarDay, Use Our Name Generator

October 2 is National Name Your Car Day — yes, it’s a thing — and if you drive with Lyft, you might already have an endearing term for your vehicle. If you don’t, have no fear. Our name generator will give you an original, 5-star name ASAP. Here’s how to choose yours.

If you're a...

Night Owl

You typically drive between 8 PM - 2 AM. When the sun goes down, you’re on the road, shuttling partygoers, playing the best music, and making sure everyone gets home safely.

Your favorite cocktail garnish + Last bar you picked up a passenger from

Example: Cherry Trick Dog


Early Riser

You typically drive between 5 AM - 10 AM. With coffee in your cup holder, you’ve taken passengers on early-morning airport runs, trips to school, and important work meetings, all before most of the world gets out the door.

First name of your fave morning musician + Mc + Yesterday’s 6 AM weather report

Example: Ed McStormy


Power Driver

You’re basically an expert. Morning, noon, and night, you’ve driven it all, and you always know how to give a passenger the best experience.

Your go-to on-the-road snack + Street name of your last drop-off

Example: Jerky Jackson

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