Why Pay for a Rental Car When You Just Need a Ride?

Why Pay for a Rental Car When You Just Need a Ride?

You’ve got a nonstop flight, a cool hotel, and a suitcase full of new clothes. The only thing that might slow you down this vacation is getting a rental car. But why go through that hassle when you can just catch a ride with Lyft?

Save Time at the Airport

It’s no fun to finally get to your dream destination, only to find a swarm of tourists in the never-ending lines at the car rental counter. Then, you end up playing 20 questions with the clerk and overthinking whether you really need insurance, and waiting again for a shuttle to take you to your rental.

Instead, you can open the Lyft app and see where drivers are in real-time. Once you have your bags, just tell your driver what terminal you’re in, and your ride to the hotel is only minutes away. You can even save a few bucks if you take a Lyft Line ride with other travelers headed the same way.

Avoid Paying to Park

Pulling up to your hotel in a rental car often means jockeying for temporary parking so you can check in. With Lyft, you just grab your bags and tell your driver, “Goodbye.” No valet. No parking garage inconvenience. No parking fee on your hotel bill.

Discover Cool New Places

Who’s a better source for local hot spots: an outdated travel brochure or a resident who knows the go-to’s and hidden gems? Request a Lyft ride and chances are, your driver will know a thing or two about the area. Plus, you can actually see sites while you’re on the road (instead of being nose-down trying to find which way to go).

Still not convinced? Here’s one example when it’s more affordable to use Lyft than to rent a car:

Headed for Mile High

You’re planning a Friday-to-Sunday summer getaway in downtown Denver. Here’s what renting a car (with no insurance) and hotel parking downtown could look like for the weekend:

Standard rental car (not including gas and insurance): $180-260
Downtown hotel parking:  $74-90
Estimated total:  About $254-350

With Lyft, you’d end up saving big, leaving you with extra spending money to treat yourself:

Lyft from the airport to downtown Denver: About $33 each way

Skip the hassle of renting a car and ride with Lyft on your next vacation

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