New Jersey: Catch These Freebies in the Lyft Lounge This Summer

New Jersey: Catch These Freebies in the Lyft Lounge This Summer

This summer, we’ll be driving our pink van — the Lyft Lounge — around New Jersey, mainly making stops around the Jersey Shore. 

We’ll be providing you with fun and delicious freebies, photo ops, and ride credit. We’ve also partnered with the following companies to keep you full and energized:

1. Nut Butter Nation

Based out of Nashville, Nut Butter Nation is an emerging natural PB brand specializing in single serve and grab and go packs. The packs go great with bananas, apples or simply alone! Look for the pink van and we’ll hook you up with honey vanilla and brown sugar single serve PB packs to keep you from going hungry.

2. Smarties

Fun fact: Smarties has been produced in New Jersey since 1949. We’re very excited to be handing out Smartie’s all summer long to keep everyone energized for the day.

3. Bai

Bai was founded in 2009 right here in New Jersey. Bai drinks are powered by a ‘secret superfruit’ which is the coffee fruit to give beach-goers and Lyft Loungers a sufficient caffeine kick.

4. KIND Snacks

With a wide variety of flavors and sizes, KIND bars offers a flavor for everyone. They’re the perfect snack to munch on for a day at the beach.

Want to check out our van in person? Follow @lyftnewjersey on Twitter for the Lyft Lounge whereabouts.

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