New Solutions to Keep Seniors Moving

New Solutions to Keep Seniors Moving

Your age shouldn’t impact your access to transportation, but today’s seniors may need some extra assistance to get moving. Unreliable transportation and less experience with web services can leave seniors stuck at home — unable to participate in physical activity or attend important medical appointments. That’s why Lyft is bringing a new focus to transportation technology that better meets the needs of our aging population.

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Aging2.0, the leading aging innovation network, to bring awareness to and solutions for seniors’ transportation challenges. Aging2.0 joins a group of partners we’ve been working with across aging-focused care communities, care providers, technology providers, and transportation services to build the best ride experience possible for seniors everywhere.

“Lyft is the fastest growing on-demand transportation service in the United States, and its mission to bring people together resonates with our community-driven approach. We are delighted to welcome Lyft to the Aging2.0 Alliance community, and we’re excited about their newly launched, efficient and affordable transportation option for older adults and senior care providers.” - Scott Peifer, VP of Alliance Development at Aging2.0

Here are some of the ways we’re improving senior transportation with our partners:

No Smartphone, No Problem

Through our partnership with GreatCall, a San Diego connected health company that provides services for older adults, rides for seniors are just a phone call away. Seniors can request a ride through Jitterbug, a simplified award-winning cell phone produced by GreatCall. Seniors with the Jitterbug phone just press “0” to connect to GreatCall’s Personal Operator Service, and their Lyft ride will arrive in minutes.

“We know, both from our customers and research by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, that transportation limitations seriously impact the independence and self-confidence of older adults. While many of us are aware of and comfortable with ride sharing apps, the technology requirements – a smart phone and an app – make it difficult for many older adults. By partnering with Lyft, we can solve the transportation issue and eliminate a key barrier to mobility.” - David Inns, CEO of GreatCall

Frictionless Ride Requests Through Concierge

We’ve partnered with senior care communities, nonprofit groups, and home care providers, such as Nurse Care of North Carolina and Argo, Sunshine Retirement Living, Whistlestop, Sequoia Village, Peninsula Volunteers, Avenidas, Home Care Assistance to help seniors get where they need to go, including important medical appointments. Lyft Concierge makes it easy for senior care managers to request rides on behalf of seniors.

"Seamless, affordable transportation remains one of the key challenges for our rapidly aging population and Home Care Assistance and Lyft have the infrastructure, scale, and expertise to remove the barriers necessary to address it head on." - Lily Sarafan, CEO of Home Care Assistance

“We are seeing many of our residents becoming more tech savvy, searching the Internet for information at their fingertips or using social media as a communication tool. Because of this, using a ridesharing service like Lyft is becoming less foreign to them, and they now see it as a way to enhance the quality of their lives on so many levels. We are delighted to be among the first senior living companies in the country to bring Lyft to our communities.” - Luis Serrano, CEO, Sunshine Retirement Living

“You can have the greatest healthcare system ever built, but if patients are unable to get there, it makes no difference and has no impact. Lyft’s unique software solution smoothly integrates into Whistlestop’s existing ride scheduling service, allowing us to provide alternative ways for the Bay Area’s older adult population to get to and from non-emergency medical appointments. We’re excited to be partnering with Lyft to lead the way in forging creative solutions to a complicated transportation challenge.” - Joe O’Hehir, CEO of Whistlestop

Suburban Senior Solutions

We work with senior transportation providers like Common Courtesy and Ride N Care to design a ride experience that fits the lifestyle of today’s seniors who may not have access to public transportation. We can now help administrators provide door to door transportation for seniors through Lyft Concierge.

“After evaluating a number of potential rideshare partners, it was clear to us that the dedicated healthcare team at Lyft understood our needs and was willing to give us the support we need to make sure Ride N Care’s customers have the best transportation experience possible.” - Danilo Toskovic, CEO and Co-Founder of Ride N Care.

Lyft Concierge allows administrators to request rides on behalf of passenger

Lyft Concierge allows administrators to request rides on behalf of passenger

Our work with these partners is just the beginning — we can’t wait to continue transforming the ride experience for seniors. Learn more during our live webinar with Aging2.0 on September 19th, at 11:30 a.m. pacific or find our sponsor booth at OPTIMIZE, the Aging2.0 event, October 12-14 in San Francisco.

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