5 Seattle New Year's Resolutions To Add To Your List

5 Seattle New Year's Resolutions To Add To Your List

Bring it on, 2017! Here are five things Seattleites should add to their list of New Year's resolutions.

1. Take a hike! Literally. The Pacific Northwest is known for its striking outdoor beauty and incredible mountain views. Get out there and explore these epic hiking spots so you can officially claim to be a #PNW native. Be sure to research the trail and bring the right gear.

2. Craft a succulent. Add some life into you home with new desert plant babies. Potting and caring for succulents can be very fun and rewarding (just take it from Marzipan Seattle!). Learn how to make these hip little plants and gift them to friends, family, your coworkers, or keep them to liven up your surroundings in a relaxing botanical oasis. Workshop info here.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument. Seattle is no stranger to good music. It’s time you add your name to the list of legends (*cough* Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Heart *cough*) after learning to master your favorite instrument at Fremont’s popular music store, Dusty Strings. Rock on!

4. Try an improv class. The number one fear among Americans is public speaking — crazy, right? If you'd like to change that this year, take improv classes to become quick witted, think on your feet, and speak comfortably in front of strangers. At Unexpected Productions Improv School, you can learn all of these great skills and more.

5. Become a master of beer-making. Nothing’s better than a nice winter ale on a dark cold night. Impress your buddies by learning how to brew your own from The Cellar Homebrew in Greenwood. You'll be a seasoned brewmaster in no time.

No matter your resolutions, let Lyft be your ride into the new year. Cheers to a safe New Year's Eve and an incredible 2017!

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