NYC: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

NYC: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

From saving up for that dream vacation to just connecting with your city, the reasons you choose to drive and ride with Lyft are as unique as you are. We’re celebrating drivers and passengers from the Lyft community by sharing their reasons for choosing Lyft. Head to to see more stories, and to share your own.

You can spend an entire day in a city surrounded by people without actually connecting with anyone. New Yorker Mamadou knows this well. He moved to New York from Mauritania and became a taxi driver. After ten years, he’d given countless rides to people from all walks of life  and yet felt like he hadn’t  connected to as many people as he would have liked.

Mamadou became a Lyft driver shortly after Lyft launched in Brooklyn in 2014. His passengers clicked with him right away, often confiding in him and treating him as a trusted friend. Mamadou was amazed by people’s kindness, too like the time he picked up a passenger from his birthday party, and the man offered him a piece of cake. In addition to getting to know fellow New Yorkers better, Lyft allows Mamadou to support his family back home in Mauritania.

In the spirit of bringing people together, grab a friend this summer and check Mamadou’s top NYC recs.

  1. Catch a few shows and tap your toes at the Inkwell Jazz & Comedy Cafe.
  2. On those rainy summer days, seek shelter in one of the many museums in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Museum has an incredible assortment of historic and modern art to stoke your creative fire.
  3. Stroll through Prospect Park West and Prospect Park Zoo for a break from the bustle of the city.
  4. No summer is complete without a slice of Brooklyn. Head to Di Fara Pizza for a local taste like no other.
  5. Indulge your shopping senses at the Atlantic Terminal mall.
  6. Or if you’re more of a big venue type of person, there’s lots going on at Barclays Center.
  7. On hot and sunny days, head over to Kosciuszko Pool for a refreshing dip.
  8. And then grab a delicious ice cream cone at Ample Hills Creamery.
  9. While away the hours with a friend or a good book at Outpost Lounge.
  10. Wind down with someone special over a meal at DeStefano’s Steakhouse.

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