Now on Sale: Lyft Line Passes for November

Now on Sale: Lyft Line Passes for November

Nothing beats scoring a good deal. At Lyft, we’re always working to make rides even more affordable, so our passengers can get to their destination without breaking the bank.

Starting today, we’re testing out different types of membership passes that lock in the lowest prices on Line rides for all of November — so you can save big.

These new passes offer two different ways to save on Line rides and can be used throughout November.

We currently have two passes available:

Pass 1: $2 Line Rides
Pay $20 up front and every Line ride you take will only cost $2.

Pass 2: Free Line Rides
Pay $29 up front and your Line rides are covered. (Yep, free!)

When you purchase a pass, you won’t have to worry about Prime Time or traffic delays. We’re offering limited quantities of both passes in Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

With your Line rides covered for the month, Lyft is your ride for every reason — from your daily commute to a night out on the town.

How It Works

Make Your Purchase

Be sure to buy your pass before the sale period ends on 10/31.

Pick a Pass

Choose between the two passes available for November.

Ride & Save

Start riding — and saving — starting 11/1. Your pass will automatically kick in.

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