Better, Brighter Rides

Better, Brighter Rides

We’re excited to start rolling out Amp, the new Lyft icon designed to make your rides even better. You may have already seen one of these bright, oval-shaped devices on one of your driver’s dashboards: It’s made out of multiple LED lights, glows, and changes color. Here’s what to expect when you request a ride with a driver who has one:

  • Color-coded ride matching. To find your driver more easily during pickups, the color in your Lyft app will match the glow of your driver’s Amp. This way, you’ll know you’ve got the right car, even when there’s a crowd. (If your driver doesn’t have an Amp yet, it’s business as usual.)

  • An amplified experience. From personalized greetings to local surprises, Amp was designed to make your rides even smoother and more fun.

Amp will be debuting in the next few months in select cities across the U.S. Here’s to a safe and bright new year!

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