1 Billion Rides. 1 Billion Connections.

1 Billion Rides. 1 Billion Connections.

Every single day, millions of people connect in Lyft rides across the country helping to demonstrate that people from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and walks of life can come together — even if just for a short trip.

We started Lyft six years ago with a mission to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, and today, we’re happy to share that the Lyft community has completed more than one billion rides.

While this is a very exciting milestone, we remain incredibly driven by the opportunity represented in each individual Lyft ride to positively impact someone’s life. We know that every experience, every shared connection can make a difference. This happens when a passenger who had a tough day is comforted by their driver’s kind words. It happens when a driver and passenger with opposing political views meet on common ground for a ten-minute commute. And it also happens when new friends belt out karaoke songs together.

To our driver community:

Thank you for doing what you do to make every ride possible! We know that all of you are choosing to join Lyft to support important goals in your life, and we take our responsibility to serve you seriously. Our team members will be personally surprising thousands of lucky drivers with a small gift of our appreciation.

To our riders:

Thank you for choosing to ride with Lyft and for supporting our incredible driver community. Always committed to your safety, we'll continue working hard to help you find the most enjoyable, and sustainable transportation — whether by bike, scooter, car, or public transit.

To our team members:

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to upholding Lyft’s values. We remember celebrating our first ride with some of you, our first million rides in the first office, and now this. As we continue to grow together, let’s continue expanding the positive impact we can have on the people we serve.

Thanks to all of you for bringing these numbers to life:


And as we look to the next billion rides, we’re excited by all the opportunities ahead:

Here’s to the next billion connections! If you’d like to share stories about your most memorable rides, please email them to stories@lyft.com. Or share them on social with #WhyILyft.

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