Orlando: Your Music Festival Ride

Orlando: Your Music Festival Ride

On Friday, November 10, more than 120,000 music lovers will arrive at Orlando’s Tinker Field for one of the country’s largest music festivals. November 10 through 11, imaginations will come alive as music fans immerse themselves in EDM music and neon dreamscapes.

Free your mind and leave your car keys at home. Let Lyft be your ride to and from Tinker Field, and around Orlando this weekend.

Pro Tip: Want to keep the party going and enjoy music, giveaways, refreshments, and cotton candy while you wait? Make your way to the main Lyft Lot — the Lot where all the action’s at.

  • From either main entrance: The Lyft Lot is at the intersection of S. Rio Grande Ave. and W. Anderson St.

  • From Long St. Entrance: Head east towards S. Rio Grande Ave., then go north to W. Anderson St.

  • From W. Church St. Entrance: From W. Church St. Entrance: Head east towards S. Rio Grande Ave., then go south to W. Anderson St.

Ages away from the main Lyft Lot and just want to get going? We’ve got plenty of smaller lots where you’ll be matched with a driver for easy pickups and drop-offs. Check the map below to find the lot nearest you:


Keep the fun going with these handy hints:

  • Ride with Lyft to and from the event. Don’t stress over driving or parking — tap to request a ride straight to the lot for quicker service.

  • Beat the heat. Make sure you and your friends drink plenty of water throughout the night. It gets hot out there!

  • Stay with your crew. Don’t trust your phone to have service so create a buddy system and designate a meet-up spot in case you get separated. When it’s time to head out, split a Lyft ride with your friends.

Check the lineup to catch all of your favorite artists!

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