Own a Car? Rely on Lyft Instead

Own a Car? Rely on Lyft Instead

Owning a car can feel, well, empowering. Yet while the idea of owning a car is glamorous, the reality is expensive. And, if your car is parked most of the day, do you really need it?

Riding with Lyft offers the freedom to roam without the burden of cost. Here are six reasons to use Lyft instead of owning a car.

Save Some Cash

Monthly car payments. Parking fees. Oil changes. Tires. Gas. Property tax. It all adds up — and that’s before you subtract a car’s depreciation. The average cost of owning a car in the U.S. is $8,558 a year, AAA says. And what about all the time your car is parked? That can be as much as 95 percent of the time, according to some studies. With Lyft, you pay only for the rides you need. There’s no monthly bill, no worrying about that ‘Check Engine’ light, and no car just sitting outside your home.

Make the World Your Parking Space

Looking for a parking spot is often like finding a needle in a haystack — with a zillion other people looking for that same needle. Forget about squeezing your car into the tiniest of spaces. When you use Lyft, your ride ends right where you need to go.

Ensure You Won’t Need Insurance

You can’t avoid all types of insurance (#adulting), but you can skip auto insurance when you don’t own a car. Lyft’s insurance policies cover passengers and drivers during a ride — so there’s no need to worry.

Get More Done While in Transit

Multitasking when driving is a no-go. Eating and driving gets messy. Flossing and driving — um, ew. Texting and driving, and drinking and driving — definite no’s. But if you’re not behind the wheel, you can eat that foot-long sandwich after a night out, put it on Snapchat, and floss after your friends point out the lettuce hanging out in your pearly whites.

Be a Bit Greener

Lyft’s pickup options help reduce the number of cars on the road (which means less pollution and less congestion). Lyft Plus lets you and your friends ride together. And with Lyft Line, your driver picks up fellow passengers along the way, filling seats that would otherwise be empty.

Spare Yourself the Little Things

There are some small wins that come with not owning a car. You’ll never have to wash it. You won’t need to buy those artificial air fresheners. You don’t need to remember where the cheapest gas station is — or fill up your tank in the cold. Oil changes, tire rotations, and car inspections become a thing of the past. Now this is the life.

No car? No problem. When you don’t own a car, you can still get around with Lyft. Sign up today.

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