Lyft Portland to Launch on April 24

Lyft Portland to Launch on April 24

Last night, the Portland City Council authorized a pilot program for ridesharing. With this new framework in place, we're excited to announce Lyft will be live in the Rose City this Friday, April 24th.

We want to thank Mayor Hales, Commissioner Novick, Commissioner Saltzman, and the entire City Council for their commitment throughout this process to ensure that Portland residents have access to modern transportation options like Lyft.

But most importantly, we want to thank you, the people of Portland. Hundreds of Portland residents spoke out in support of ridesharing — they attended City Council hearings, sent emails to representatives, and took to the phones to make sure their voices were heard. The message was clear: people want more welcoming, affordable, and reliable ways to get around.

At Lyft, our vision is to reconnect people and communities through better transportation. When we achieve that vision, together with the people of Portland, there will be fewer cars on the road and getting to our destinations will become a more enjoyable experience. We can't wait to be a part of the city's progressive transportation culture and help build a more sustainable Portland.

Stay tuned to learn more about the launch of Lyft Portland in the coming days.


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