Providence: Warm, Fuzzy Rides Coming Your Way

Providence: Warm, Fuzzy Rides Coming Your Way


As frigid as New England winters may be, we just couldn’t keep ourselves away. We’re excited to bring friendly, affordable Lyft rides to Providence, beginning tonight at 7pm.

Lyft will make it even easier to get around the Creative Capital, from College Hill campuses to the restaurants of Federal Hill, or from a game at McCoy Stadium to a residence in Warwick. Commuters can use Lyft to catch the T or the Amtrak to Boston, while urbanites itching for some summer sun (summer is coming, we promise) can catch Lyft all the way out to Newport*.

Providence’s tight-knit community makes it the perfect place for the pink mustache. Among the amazing group of founding drivers, you’ll find a women’s ice hockey player, a firefighter, a winemaker, a flight attendant, a Brown grad student, and many more. We hope you’ll hop in a Lyft soon to meet them!

*While Lyft rides must originate within the city’s coverage area, Lyft drivers can take passengers up to 60 miles away from the pickup point. Only 33 miles separate central Providence from the beaches of Newport, so sun and sand is just a friendly ride away.

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