Behind Lyft’s New Artwork: An Interview with Illustrator Noma Bar

Behind Lyft’s New Artwork: An Interview with Illustrator Noma Bar

If you pass by a billboard, bus shelter, or public transportation anytime soon, you might see something that makes you do a double take. It’s the eye-catching work of Israeli artist Noma Bar, created exclusively for our latest campaign.

We caught up with Noma get a peek inside his creative mind and his inspiration for this project.

Tell us a little about your background.

It depends where I’m standing! I was born and raised in Israel and I’m now living in London. My craft is visual communication, combining skills of art, illustrator, and design.

You’re famous for your work with negative space and double meaning. How’d you develop this kind of distinct style?

I went to art school in Jerusalem and learned Hebrew type design, which I couldn’t use when I moved to London. I spoke very little English, so I used iconography and pictograms to tell stories without words. It became my own sign language — I started looking at hand gestures and developed an artistic style similar to visual pantomiming. I expressed myself using images and what happens between the hands and fingers. It all stemmed from not being able to speak English, really. My disadvantage became my advantage.

What’s your creative process look like?

I like to go to the woods near my home, sit, and sketch ideas. I try to create a structure to my creative process, but realistically, ideas come to me everywhere. I’m constantly looking and thinking of them.

What made you decide to work with Lyft?

I like to work with brands who invent and reinvent new rules. I’m also attracted to positive companies that help our world and care about issues of social good. Plus, as an artist, it’s so much fun to work with car and transportation concepts. I’m focusing on the more playful side of transportation — it’s not about the mechanics of the vehicle, it’s about the fun of riding, escaping, and enjoying travelling as a fun experience.

For this project with Lyft, how did you think about representing the idea of “riding is the new driving” visually?

Personally, I always prefer to be a rider as it allows me to look around and take in my surroundings. I totally identify with the fun side of riding and that freedom it gives you, so I tried to emphasize that and tell that story throughout the visuals.

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Check out more of Noma’s work here.

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