Ways to Use Lyft on a Rainy Day

Ways to Use Lyft on a Rainy Day

Everything is perfect about today — except the weather. What are you going to do, let a little rain dampen your day? No way. Here’s how Lyft can help you enjoy a rainy day, without getting all wet.

Get a Ride in Minutes

Don’t overthink this one. When the weather turns sour and you don’t have a car, escape the showers by simply opening the Lyft app on your phone and requesting a ride. You can even save yourself from juggling an umbrella and your phone by requesting a ride from your Apple Watch.

However you make your request, a Lyft driver will be there in minutes, ready to take you comfortably — without getting soaked — where you need to go.

Skip the Walk to the Subway

If the subway — or the bus or the train — is the go-to transportation for your commute, there’s still hope for getting there and staying dry on a rainy day. Request a Lyft ride to take you to the station or back home.

Take Cover, and Still Get Your Ride

You’ve just requested a Lyft ride when suddenly the gray skies turn wet. Stay calm: You can seek shelter down the block. Just adjust your pickup location in the Lyft app, even if your driver is already on the way. Pro-tip: You can move your pin once per ride.

Head Out For an Adventure

When the weather seems endlessly bad and you’ve been cooped up inside, cure your restlessness with a Lyft ride. Escape your home and head out to see a movie, or hit the stores to buy a pair of designer rain boots.

From a drizzle to a monsoon, Lyft can help you avoid getting too wet on a rainy day. Sign up now to request a ride.

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