Random Acts of Kindness Ideas From the Lyft Driver Community

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas From the Lyft Driver Community

This Friday, February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, where individuals, groups, and organizations across the country encourage us all to be just a little kinder through small, thoughtful actions. Want to participate, but aren't sure where to start? Take these ideas from some kindness extraordinaires in the Lyft driver community:

Pay it Forward in Line:

San Francisco driver Clint has a drive-thru ritual: “I like to pay for the person’s meal behind me,” he says. “It’s a simple gesture that can really boost someone’s spirit and bring a smile to their face.” Sometimes, free fries — or a free coffee — can make someone’s whole day.

Surprise Someone:

Tyreda in Atlanta loves performing random acts of kindness with her daughter, and they often surprise strangers with little gestures. “For example, we might leave an inspirational note in a book at the public library, or tape money to a vending machine,” she says. “It’s important to show others that they matter. We feel blessed to plant these wonderful seeds!”

Give a (Small) Gift:

Drivers in the Lyft San Diego community are leading by example this year: they’ve partnered with KIND Snacks and Compassion It to delight passengers with “Kind Packs” in cars today, complete with KIND bars, stickers, and a note to pay it forward. Not a San Diego passenger? Here are a few more ideas for gifting kindness from Phoenix driver Jessica: “surprise a coworker or teacher with a small mug or handmade gift, or send a small care package to a military member or veteran.” Remember it’s the gesture that counts, not the amount of money spent!

Wish Someone A Good Day:

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day can be just as simple as saying hi, explains Lyft driver Wolfgang in Orlando. “People rarely say good day or good afternoon anymore, but when you do it’s a quick moment that could change someone’s day,” he says. Christianne in San Francisco agrees: “When you’re in line somewhere, look up from your phone and say hello to the person next to you. It won’t be weird, I promise.” And in case you're still on the fence, “you never know who around you just really needs a smile from someone right now,” she adds.

Need more ideas? The Random Act of Kindness Foundation is full of them. Choose your favorite and spread a little kindness today.

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