6 Reasons to Drive With Lyft

6 Reasons to Drive With Lyft

Finding the perfect job these days can be, well, difficult — which might even be an understatement for some on the hunt. But if flexibility and fast cash are requirements on your list, then we might have your answer: Drive with Lyft. Here’s why:

Drive When You Want

To drive or not to drive? It’s really up to you. If you have a slow month at work, make up for it by driving with Lyft. Or if you’re planning a trip next month and want some extra money, just drive around your work schedule. There are no set hours to work — just open the Lyft app and accept rides when you’re ready. Lyft’s flexibility makes earning cash easy.

Keep All of Your Tips

Simply put: Lyft drivers get 100 percent of their tips. Plus, tipping is done through the app so there’s no need to ask for tips from passengers.

Receive Feedback

Once a ride is done, passengers and drivers can rate each other, so you can learn from each ride you give. Now, that’s effective!

Discover New Places and Friends

Want to meet new people and see new places? If you drive with Lyft, you can make friends and visit parts of the city you may not have seen otherwise. With Lyft, every ride can be an adventure.

Boost Your Earnings

Get rewarded for going the extra mile. The Power Driver Bonus can increase your earnings by 20 percent each week for hitting certain milestones. Prime Time adds to your pay if you drive when there’s a ton of passengers.

Get Paid Faster

You no longer have to count down the days until payday when you drive with Lyft. Drivers who reach at least $50 in earnings can get paid quickly with Express Pay — receiving their cash in as little as a few hours.

Take Advantage of Lyft Rewards

Lyft offers many perks to its drivers. You can save at the gas pump at some Shell stations and even rent a car with Express Drive.

Apply to drive with Lyft and make up to $35 an hour.

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