New! Refer a Lyft Driver Right in the App

New! Refer a Lyft Driver Right in the App

Tell your friends. Referring drivers is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money — and now, drivers can do so directly in the Lyft app.

In just a couple of taps, drivers can send their referral code to anyone in their address book. Once that friend fulfills the referral requirements, both referrer and referee will score bonuses of up to $500.

Meet Sarah.

For example, let’s say Sarah referred three drivers. If her city’s referral bonus is at $500, she’ll get a grand total of $1,500. That’s not the only reason to refer: By growing her local Lyft community, Sarah’s helping us ensure there’s always a driver nearby. That creates a great experience for passengers, and increases the chance that they’ll loyally request even more rides.

Inspire a New Lyft Driver

This feature is now live on Android and iOS. It’s the perfect time to start brainstorming your list of driver referrals.

Friends with free time.
Entrepreneurs, students, parents, and retirees all love earning extra money with Lyft.


Drivers on other platforms.
For friends already familiar with ridesharing, all they need is a friendly introduction to Lyft.


Contacts nationwide.
Think big. We offer referral bonuses of up to $500 in cities across the country.



See the Stats

Drivers can now track their referrals’ progress in the app, too. Thanks to the new ‘Driver referrals’ section, it’s easy to see how far each friend has come, and when to expect a referral bonus.

Not a driver yet, but want to join? Start your application.

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