Ride on the Bright Side

Ride on the Bright Side

As part of our effort to improve people’s lives through the world’s best transportation, we’re excited to announce a major brand initiative coming at you in two parts. Spoiler alert: happy drivers and riders ahead.

A Good Thing Going

Launching on TV and online, “Ride on the Bright Side” shows how Lyft continues to prioritize happy drivers, short ETAs, and safety. The four spots feature a puzzled trio of executives who just can’t understand Lyft’s commitment to putting people first. The lighthearted campaign reflects our serious dedication to treating both drivers and passengers better.

A New Way to Glow

For almost two years, the iconic Glowstache has brightened many a day and dashboard. But it’s time to unveil Amp, the next (colorful) generation of the Lyft emblem. The first in-car communications device of its kind, Amp makes it even easier for passengers and drivers to find each other, and adds an extra layer of safety. Amp will officially hit the road on New Year's Eve in cities across America.

Together We’ll Go Far

We’re constantly working to bring you better and brighter rides. Check out our latest spots to see why everyone wants to #RideOnTheBrightSide.

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