New! See Your Ride History in the Lyft App

New! See Your Ride History in the Lyft App

Our newest feature puts all of your ride details in one place: the app.

Your complete ride history is now just three taps away on both iOS and Android. Open the Lyft app, then go to the menu in the top left corner. Select ‘Ride History’ to see the basics of every ride you’ve taken.

Tap into any ride, and you’ll uncover another layer of information: the map and pricing details you’d previously only find in an emailed ride receipt. If you accidentally leave half of your centaur costume behind on Halloween night, ride history can take care of that, too. Scroll down to see buttons for lost and found, a price review, and tipping.

We’ll still email your receipts, but they’ll serve as a ‘just in case’ now that your details are all in one place.

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