Safety Through Innovation

Safety Through Innovation

From day one, Lyft has leveraged new technologies to make ridesharing safe. Our goal: every eligible driver drives with Lyft, and everyone else would be a passenger.

Now, members of the law enforcement community have decided to weigh in on our innovative features. The same features that keep both drivers and passengers feeling confident, informed, and accountable while they're out on the road.

In fact, one of these innovative practices, the nationwide criminal background check process, was recently declared as safe and effective in a report by Tom Frazier, former Baltimore Police Commissioner and Director of the US Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services.

Here are some key findings from his report:

There are several safe and widely used methods of conducting background checks

  • Fingerprint-based background checks — an assumed gold standard — are fundamentally flawed and are not more effective than other methods
  • When conducting a background check, the only reason to collect fingerprints is to access police databases which are often inaccurate and incomplete
  • Flaws in police databases result in missed information that lead to unfair and potentially illegal hiring decisions
  • Lyft’s approach solves these problems and provides a more complete and accurate background check
  • These modern electronic methods still rely on highly regulated and accredited professionals to collect and interpret the data

Remember: background checks are just the first of many safety features built into the Lyft platform. Other innovations, such as start to finish GPS tracking, and cashless payments, are more examples of safeguards we’ve built to ensure that drivers and passengers continue to count on safe rides with Lyft.

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