Save Lyft in Seattle

Lyft needs your help in Seattle. We’ve just learned that some members of Seattle’s City Council plan to introduce legislation that could shut down ridesharing in Seattle, one of our earliest Lyft communities.

Please join us in asking City Council to save Lyft in Seattle. With a minute of your time, let Council Members know why ridesharing matters to you and help keep us in action.


Instead of focusing on safety and consumer choice, the legislation is a clear attempt to protect entrenched interests and halt innovation. It proposes a 100 driver limit, a fraction of our current driver community. The draft’s justification for these rules is to protect existing transportation industries from competition. Meanwhile, another city agency reports that local taxi companies will make more money in 2013 than ever before.

Thousands of Seattle residents depend on services like Lyft to get around safely while supporting local drivers. Council needs to understand how this proposal would affect our community.

Thanks for your help driving this movement forward from coast to coast!

Have another minute to help? Spread the word to your friends on Twitter to keep our momentum building.

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