Sharing the #LyftLove

Sharing the #LyftLove

We're celebrating #LyftLove in all forms — the times when you bond over an in-car jam session, meet a new neighbor on your way to work, discover you share the same hometown, get spot-on life advice from a total stranger, pay it forward just because, or simply share a laugh while you share the ride. They’re the magical moments that make your world feel just a little more connected. Here are a few of our favorite recent #LyftLove stories, just in time for V-Day.

A Birthday Surprise:

Kristen, a news reporter from Charlotte, North Carolina, took Lyft while visiting Nashville. Her driver, John, explained that his mother lives in Charlotte, and the next day was her 86th birthday. He was sad he couldn't be there to celebrate with her, so Kristen got an idea: she and John made a video wishing his mother a happy birthday, and the next day, Kristen showed up back in Charlotte at John's mother's home. She brought a bouquet of roses to John's mother, showed her the video, and gave her a big hug — sent from her son, with love, from Nashville. Watch Kristen surprise John's mom.

Stranded With Baby on Board:

$25K Raised By Strangers:

When LA passenger Matthew struck up a conversation with his driver, Lupe, he was blown away by her story: Lupe's 15-year-old son is autistic, and she drives nights so she can be home with him during the day. On top of that, Lupe was recently diagnosed with cancer. Despite everything, she was so positive and upbeat that Matthew couldn't help but be inspired. He set up a GoFundMe account for Lupe and her son, and so far has raised over $25,000! Read more about Matthew and Lupe.

A Delicious Way to Pay it Forward:

During a day of driving, one of Robin's passengers surprised her with donuts — so she gifted a baker's dozen to her next passenger to continue sharing the love!

Friends at First Sight:

Lyft passenger Megan and her friend requested a ride to a Dodger's game. When Valerie picked them up, the three began chatting and realized they had a lot in common. On a whim, Megan's friend asked Valerie: "Well, do you want to come with us to the game? We have an extra ticket." Valerie said yes, and the crew hung out at the game together, laughing and getting to know each other. At the end of the night, Megan and her friend requested Valerie for the ride home, and a friendship was born. Read Megan's story.

Language Goals:

Mr. And Mrs., Your Lyft Awaits:


Hawaii Lyft passenger Chad is also a driver, so when he decided to propose to his girlfriend, he knew just how to plan the event. The pair took a Lyft ride to the Lanikai Pillboxes and hiked to the second pillbox, where Chad got down on one knee and popped the question. Will the couple use Lyft to get to and from the altar, too? We'll get the "just married!" sign ready just in case!

Thanks for sharing your #LyftLove with us. Happy Valentine's Day!

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