Inside Sir the Baptist’s New Lyft-Inspired Album

Inside Sir the Baptist’s New Lyft-Inspired Album

Last year, you may have read about the Lyft-driver-turned-recording-artist Sir the Baptist, who premiered his original track “Movin’” in our short animated film, June. Today, Sir adds another exciting chapter to his story as an artist: the release of his debut album, Saint or Sinner (Atlantic Records).

The album uses hip-hop influence to tell compelling stories about real people — in part, people he met in Lyft rides. “When creating the album, I wanted to know what people loved so I went to Lyft as a case study, not just for a paycheck,” he says. He’d chat with his passengers and learn their stories. “The experience taught me that the voice of the community matters and that every passenger wasn't the same. I wanted to fit the style of music to the passenger that was in my car. This caused me to make an album with many different sounds, while still being true to who I am as an artist.”

Staying true to who he is also means caring and taking action for the community. In addition to making music, Sir’s a cultural minister who runs an urban church and charitable organization (called Tymple and DeedPin, respectively). He was also honored by the Mayor of Chicago for his contribution to HIV/AIDs awareness. The importance of caring for others is what drew Sir to Lyft, and it’s a thread that runs throughout Saint or Sinner: "I always felt a real sense of community when I was driving with Lyft. There is such a strong connection between passenger and driver. I met new people all the time and was inspired by sharing experiences with all different walks of life,” he notes. “My music tells the stories of the people I’ve met, reflecting their unique perspectives and what I learned from these shared experience and the community I built with others.”

Listen to Saint or Sinner here.

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