Coming Soon: Round Up & Donate

Coming Soon: Round Up & Donate

Sit for something: It’s what Lyft was founded on.

That taking a seat can make a difference.

That bringing enough rumps together can make a real impact on our environment.

That parking your backsides in back seats across the nation is a way to rebuild our communities around people, not cars.

And treating people better along the way is just the way we do it.

So we’ve been thinking. What else can we do by bottling the power of our collective bottoms to make meaningful change beyond the ride?

Starting in a few weeks, we’ll launch a new in-app program called Round Up & Donate. Opt in and we’ll automatically round up your fare to the nearest whole dollar and push the difference toward issues impacting everyone everywhere, from climate change to the pursuit of equality.

The power of this community is yours. You made it. And whether you tap in, or just keep doing your bit by riding, you’re sitting on a changemaker.

All you gotta do is take a seat to take a stand.

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