Tacolicious: 2015’s Most Visited Restaurant

Tacolicious: 2015’s Most Visited Restaurant

This San Francisco taco joint, located in the heart of the Mission neighborhood, is known for its weekly taco specials and epic list of tequila cocktails It was no surprise to learn that this can’t miss restaurant was the most visited restaurant in our 2015 Lyftie Awards.

We talked to Tacolicious founder and CEO Joe Hargrave to get the scoop on Tacolicious:

Q: Do you have a secret menu?

A: It's a secret! Just kidding. I have always had an infatuation with Jack In The Box tacos. About five years ago, Telmo (our Executive Chef) and I thought it would be fun to go to SF Herb Company and use all organic dried herbs and spices to create our own version of everyone's favorite stoner taco. So if you come into any of our locations you can order our “crack” tacos.

Q: What’s one thing you want new visitors to your restaurant/bar to know?

A: If you're in search of the heady, authentic culinary experience we are not your restaurant. However, if you can endure laughing while eating high quality food, albeit simple, you will fit right in.

Q: If you were going to create a pink cocktail/dish for Lyft, what would be in it?

A: Probably something with jamaica (hibiscus flower), agave, and obviously a lot of tequila — we want to take full advantage of the fact that the promotion has a designated driver.

Q: What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

A: The fish taco, duh. It has the perfect amount of moisture-to-crunch ratio. This is very important.

Learn more about Tacolicious on their website, and check out all of our 2015 Lyfties Winners for more places to visit across the country.

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