Join Us in Saying Thank You

Join Us in Saying Thank You

Every year, we receive thousands of stories of incredible drivers going above and beyond for their community. Whether large or small, these acts of kindness have a powerful impact — from saving a life to simply giving someone a reason to smile.

This holiday season, we’re showing a small token of appreciation to a few special drivers whose names we’ve heard from passengers. Meet them below.

After the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas, we heard from a local passenger named Billy. He wanted to share the story of Paloma, a Lyft driver and one of many heroes that night. Paloma rescued Billy and his wife — then returned to help more people. Billy asked for our support recognizing Paloma. We were honored to help:

Seattle driver Lamont has given more than 23,000 rides and made over 50,000 connections; he’s an inspiration to both passengers and drivers he’s met along the way. To pay it forward, we’re giving him an all-expenses-paid trip around the world:

We know there are thousands more unsung heroes out there that deserve to be celebrated. Tell us if you’d like help honoring a special driver at

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