The Best Bars and Restaurants to Discover Today

The Best Bars and Restaurants to Discover Today

Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons, find a new Friday night spot, or just eat more tacos, the 2015 Lyftie Awards — our list of the year’s most visited places —  is the perfect place to start.

We checked out a few of the bar and restaurant winners nationwide to give you the scoop on where to wander in 2016.

Boston’s Most Visited Restaurant: The Brahmin

Chicago’s Most Visited Bar: Roscoe’s

Los Angeles' Most Visited Bar: The Abbey (National Winner)

Miami’s Most Visited Bar: Wood Tavern

Nashville’s Most Visited Bar: Tin Roof

New York City’s Most Visited Bar: The Frying Pan

San Francisco's Most Visited Restaurant: Tacolicious (National Winner)

Seattle’s Most Visited Restaurant: Peso’s Kitchen and Lounge

Washington, D.C.’s Most Visited Restaurant: El Centro D.F.


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