The Happiest Tweets of October

The Happiest Tweets of October

 Just wondering — did you even have a chance to breathe in October? The month was jam-packed giving three cheers for #VivaLyftVegas, going undercover with Kris Bryant, looking to the past and then going Back to the Future, listening to stories, paying for weddings and vacations, and partying with the undead. And somehow, you tweeted through it all. Here are your happiest moments of October.

 That time you met a wise sage:

And a knight in shining armor:

When the right tunes were everything:

Even if you didn't want to admit it:

When you came together over cheese and carbs:

And cabernet and chocolate:

That time someone made you feel feels:

(All the feels):

Or when you were in awe of your peers:

And how close we really are:

When a stranger made your day:

And then you realized — we can all do that:

Now it's out with the pumpkins and in with the red coffee cups. We'll see you next month!

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