Times Lyft Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armor

Times Lyft Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armor

When you’re considering transportation services, chances are you’re in a new city, going to and from the airport, or heading back home from the bar. But what about the times you need those services in a pinch?

Here are five ways Lyft can save the day:

1. It’s raining on your walk to the subway.

Nothing — well, almost nothing — is worse than stepping out into the rain after spending 30 minutes on your hair. More than likely, you won’t be carrying a hat to fix that mess. Skip the weather worry and request a Lyft ride to the subway.

2. You need a hand while shopping.

You’re hosting a dinner party — Italian is your go-to — and there are quite a few ingredients to get at the store. After picking up the essentials for DIY pizzas and Grandma’s famous pasta dish, your hands are full. Thankfully, a Lyft is only minutes away so you can get home quickly — with tomato sauce jars intact — to start cooking.

3. Your car is in the shop, and you can’t afford a rental.

Car insurance may cover your repairs, but it doesn’t always pay for a rental. What do they expect you to do? Walk? Heh. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for a rental car, just get a Lyft ride. You can use the money you’ll save for something like, say, a better insurance plan.

4. No one wants to be the DD.

Your squad loves to pregame before going out, but it always ends in the battle of who’s going to drive — everyone somehow thinks they were the one who drove last time. Well, have we got good news for you: Not only can Lyft be your designated driver, but you can also use Lyft Plus to roll up to the bar with your whole crew.

5. Your shoes aren’t quite broken in yet.

Most of the time, heels are what really make an outfit. That is until you’re forced to walk 10 blocks and then wait in line to get into the hottest bar in town. Lyft can’t help you with the VIP list, but it can save your soles from the blistering walk.

Lyft is your ride when you need to be rescued. Download the app today.


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