Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Support Coalition to Repeal Rideshare Ordinance

Together, we have sparked a revolution in transportation, and have seen ridesharing fulfill a longtime need in Seattle. 

City Council recently passed an ordinance that places new limits and regulatory restrictions on mobile app ride services in Seattle. This new ordinance, if allowed to take effect, will make it impossible for drivers to serve Seattle riders, eliminating rides for those who rely on them and financially crippling thousands of drivers.

We are proud to support a newly formed coalition that has launched a referendum campaign to afford Seattleites the opportunity to have their voices heard directly – through their votes – so they cannot be ignored again.

Referendum petitions are currently being circulated to gather voter signatures to refer the ordinance for a citywide vote. If the referendum qualifies for the ballot, the ordinance will be suspended from taking effect until Seattle voters weigh in.

We have heard from all corners of the city that residents want action to protect the thousands of small businesses created by the ridesharing economy and maintain this safe, reliable and innovative transportation option for both visitors and locals. The referendum puts that action directly in the hands of voters. 

You’ll be seeing petitioners at work with pens, clipboards and signs, gathering signatures all across the city over the next three weeks. Join the effort here to build support in your community or follow along #SignToRide @OurSeattleRides.

Ride on,

Uber, Lyft & Sidecar

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