Our Commitment to Always Treat You Better

Our Commitment to Always Treat You Better

Today at Lyft HQ in San Francisco, we announced exciting new initiatives for our incredible community including the first-of-its-kind Express Pay product, and new partnerships with Shell and Hertz.

We are growing our ecosystem of partnerships and programs that provide Lyft drivers with more tools to achieve their personal goals and dreams. On the heels of Starbucks and Didi Kuaidi announcements, we’re thrilled about more exclusive relationships that benefit the entire Lyft community.


Express Pay Instant Deposits

One of the characteristics drivers like most about driving for Lyft is the flexibility to create your own schedules. Now, we’re giving you the power to receive your earnings faster than ever when you want to get paid.

Express Pay, available in November, empowers drivers to get paid the same day they drive. Once you've earned at least $50, you can simply tap the “get paid” button found on the app's Driver Stats page. Your funds will be deposited instantly.*

We built this new feature with our friends at Stripe – who share our commitment to always improve your experience, including with payments. We’re the first Stripe customer to unveil this product, and the first and only ridesharing company to deliver instant payouts, giving you the ultimate flexibility. We can’t think of a better way to treat you better than letting you get your money faster.


Save at Shell with Fuel Rewards

We’re introducing an exclusive partnership with Shell Fuel Rewards that will significantly reduce the amount of money Lyft drivers pay for fuel at participating Shell stations.

With Lyft’s Fuel Rewards, the more you drive, the more you save. Based on the number of rides you give in a week, you’ll earn a discount – anywhere from 3 cents per gallon, to several free tanks per week!

We will be piloting this in a several markets over the coming months, and expect to rollout nationally to 12,500 Shell stations across America early next year. Like other partnerships in the Accelerate driver rewards program, such as Allstate Roadside Assistance and Verizon preferred rates, we’ve selected partners and programs that best match your top needs and priorities.


Rent and Drive with Hertz  

Now you don’t even have to own a car to be a Lyft driver. Today, we announced a Hertz pilot program. Already live in Las Vegas, Hertz cars are available to Lyft drivers at special affordable daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Approved drivers can quickly rent cars on-demand and earn money as a Lyft driver with no long-term lease commitment.

The partner ecosystem we’ve extended today is a big step forward in bringing people and communities together through better transportation. We’re building the ultimate experience for fun, flexibility and empowerment where you can rent a car, fill it with discounted gas, meet new people, stop for a Starbucks coffee, and have your earnings deposited into your bank account all in the same day.


*Depending on drivers’ banking institutions; most drivers will receive instant deposits, some banks won’t allow funds to appear until next day; transaction expense per deposit is $0.50, paid by the driver.


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