#WhyILyft: From Sonoma Driver Anthony

Right now, Sonoma County driver Anthony and his girlfriend have most of their dates over Skype — hundreds of miles away from each other. They met in college in the Philippines, and now that Anthony's back in California, they visit one another as often as they can. Lyft’s extra income and flexibility allow Anthony to save up for those special trips.

We caught up with Anthony to hear his Lyft story:

Q: Why did you first start driving with Lyft? 

A: In mid-January I applied, was approved, and before I knew it, I started driving with Lyft. I loved the experience and loved traveling around the city and meeting different kinds of people. I was surprised that I could make a lot of money and still have time to spend with my loved ones. I used some of the money to send to my girlfriend, whom at the time was volunteering at a hospital and sometimes didn't have enough money for herself. Some of the money was also saved in order for me to visit her in the Philippines. I was able to visit her in March, and because Lyft allowed me to choose my own schedule, I took my time and spent as much time with her as I could.

Q: What's been your favorite Lyft ride or experience? 

A: My favorite experience is having deep and meaningful conversations with my passengers, especially about traveling. I like to travel and it’s always interesting to hear people's stories about where they have been in the world. I once had a passenger who also went to college in the Philippines. We could relate to so many things.

Q: Describe what the vibe is like inside your Lyft ride. Do you do anything special for passengers? 

A: I like to keep the environment of my car as friendly and relaxing as possible, while keeping a high standard of professionalism. I’ll have jazz music playing in the background while offering gum or water. I also understand the need for being on time to work or to a flight. It’s always nice if they are running late and I get them to their destination on time.

Q: What is the most memorable thing a passenger has done for you?

A: I can't say there is a most memorable passenger, but when someone takes the time to turn around, smile and say ‘thank you’ it really brightens my day. That's something I can remember for a long time and can carry on to the next passenger.


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