#WhyILyft: From Milwaukee Driver Jillian

To celebrate her recovery from an injury, cyclist Jillian and five friends rode 100 miles across Milwaukee in a day. Fast forward seven years, and Jillian’s crew is an official cycling club called the Bella Donnas. Jillian dreams of spreading her club across the nation, and the flexibility of Lyft is helping her make that dream a reality.

We caught up with Jillian to hear her Lyft story:

Q: Why did you first start driving with Lyft?

A: I found out about Lyft in San Diego while traveling for work. I love the flexibility. Being able to drive when I want has allowed me to concentrate on growing the cycling group I founded. I’ve met two different bloggers who have written about us, a crew member from a local TV news company, a radio host who featured us, and I get to tell all the women (and anyone who knows a woman) about the group, so word has been spreading fast! I love that Lyft gets people out of their phones and back into the real world.  

Q: What's been your favorite Lyft ride or experience?

A: My most memorable Lyft ride was last spring during a rain storm at 3 AM. I found out that my passenger was a student at a local women's college and was an aspiring opera singer. She was on her way to a recording studio where her boyfriend worked to record. She was so nervous that she’d had a few drinks and overdid it slightly. After suggesting that she hum to herself to calm her nerves, she decided to sing me a song that brought tears to my eyes. Wherever she is now, I hope she’s singing!

Q: Describe what the vibe is like inside your Lyft ride. Do you do anything special for passengers?

A: I like to provide a safe space for passengers to relax. I make my own car fresheners using organic essential oils. There are small bottles of water, Tootsie Rolls, and caramels to snack on and if someone is cold, I have a lap blanket.  Everyone who gets in my car and is willing to participate gets asked the “Question of the Day.” It’s the same question for everyone that entire shift. It’s a fun way to learn about the passengers and have interesting conversations.

Q: What's the most memorable thing a passenger has ever done for you?

A: One of my passengers who I’ve become friends with found out that I had to go to the hospital for surgery and would be alone. She texted me the day of the procedure and offered to take off work to sit with me in the hospital between procedures. It’s incredible to me how loving people will be when given the opportunity.

What's your #WhyILyft story? Share yours and read others from around the nation at WhyILyft.com.

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