#WhyILyft: From Boston Driver Tanya

Tanya’s band, Flight of Fire, is making waves as Boston's all-girl rock 'n roll group. But there's something else that makes them unique: they all drive with Lyft. Their lead singer, Maverick, started driving first and spread the word to the other three bandmates, who also decided to give it a shot. Now it’s “easier than ever” to make time for rehearsals and shows, and they’re free to hit the road and tour.

We caught up with Tanya to get the scoop on her Lyft life:

Q: Why did you first start driving with Lyft?

A: I first started working for Lyft because of the flexibility. It allowed me to put the majority of my time and energy toward working on my true passion: music. Finally I could do shows and go on tour without the fear of losing my job!

Q: What's been your favorite Lyft ride or experience?

A: My favorite Lyft ride was when I picked up a pair of identical twins. I’m an identical twin myself and I had a ball talking with them and exchanging crazy twin stories. It was a very unique experience and we connected on so many levels!

Q: Describe what the vibe is like inside your Lyft ride. Do you do anything special for passengers?

A: The vibe inside my Lyft ride can be best described as upbeat. I’m a super positive and chipper person so when passengers get in the car with me, they can expect to be laughing, sharing stories, and generally having a great time all the way to their destination. I make sure every passenger leaves with a smile on their face.

Q: What's the most memorable thing a passenger has ever done for you?

A: I was dropping off a couple where they lived and before they got home, they wanted to stop at one of the famous pastry shops in the area. They insisted that I come in with them and pick something out! It was so nice and I couldn't resist the delicious offer. When we got inside, she recommended I get the lobster tail pastry, a local favorite. I'll never forget that sweet act of kindness.


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