You Drink, We Drive: Lyft LA × Saucey

You Drink, We Drive: Lyft LA × Saucey

At Lyft, we take both fun and safety seriously. We want our passengers to be able to have the time that they want to have, responsibly, while we take the stress of driving out of the equation. That ultimately frees up — you guessed it — more opportunities to have a ball. It's a cyclical thing of beauty.

That's why, here in LA, we've partnered with the alcohol delivery app, Saucey! They continue to change the game by getting you the libations you want in about 30 minutes or less. Whether you have guests coming by and need to re-stock the bar post-haste, or if you simply want to get the party started with the latest & greatest in the cocktail world, Saucey is your new best pal. Dog-tender not included.



Don't drink and drive. Do drink and ride.

Our partnership with Saucey is all about making wise choices. You should never drink and drive; Saucey x Lyft want to make that easier than ever before.

If you've never used Lyft, and you already use Saucey, you'll soon find new user promo cards from Lyft in select Saucey deliveries. That will allow you to keep the party going, with your first ride on us, without having to worry. And, as the righteous Bobby McFarrin once proclaimed: Don't worry, be happy.

Pro Tip: Even if you have used Lyft, you probably know a guy who knows a girl who has this friend who could use a free ride. Sharing is caring!

Don't miss Saucey freebies from the Lyft street team

For the next month, as our great Lyft street teamers are out and about at various events across the City of Angles, they'll be armed with Saucey new user promo cards.

If you've never used Saucey, now's your chance to get some moolah off your first order using the Saucey app. Download the Saucey app and get $10 off your first order with code LYFT. Free money never tasted so good. Make sure you say a friendly hello!

Credit: Motivated Models

Credit: Motivated Models

Up to $20 off for new users

New to Lyft, or know someone who is? Use the code below for up to $20 off your first ride. Just enter the code in the 'Payment' section of the Lyft app before you request your ride.

Promo Code: SAUCEYLA

Or, click HERE to redeem.

Follow us via our new Twitter handle @Lyft_LA for the latest in events, promotions and general awesomeness.


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