Lyft Prediction Promotion


Lyft, Inc. (“Lyft”) is sponsoring a promotion (the “Promotion”) to give away fifty dollars ($50) in Lyft credit to anyone who correctly predicts the final score of Super Bowl XLIX according to these terms.

·       By participating in this Promotion each User agrees that Lyft may use the User’s name and photograph included in the submission in Lyft’s promotional and advertising activities.

·       Users are limited to one prediction.  Lyft may disqualify Users who submit multiple predictions.

·       Users must make their prediction from a Lyft ride by posting a photograph to Twitter with their prediction and the hashtag #SBLyft.

·       The deadline for prediction submissions is until the opening kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX.

·       Users who correctly predict the final score of Super Bowl XLIX will receive fifty dollars ($50) in Lyft credit (“Credit”) to be applied towards rides on the Lyft platform.  Credits are only redeemable for use on the Lyft platform to be applied towards Lyft rides and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

·       Credits will not cover driver tips. If you elect to tip a driver for a ride Lyft will bill your payment method by such amount.

·       The Promotion is subject to any restrictions and conditions that Lyft may communicate from time to time.

·       Lyft reserves the right to change the Promotion terms at its sole discretion.

·       All Users must have valid Lyft accounts in order to receive Credit.

·       All Users must agree to Lyft’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.