Today at Lyft HQ in San Francisco, we announced exciting new initiatives for our incredible community including the first-of-its-kind Express Pay product, and new partnerships with Shell and Hertz.

We are growing our ecosystem of partnerships and programs that provide Lyft drivers with more tools to achieve their personal goals and dreams. On the heels of Starbucks and Didi Kuaidi announcements, we’re thrilled about more exclusive relationships that benefit the entire Lyft community.

We’re changing the rules so you can keep riding for less than everyone else in NYC. 

Instead of just letting the city’s $5 Lyft Line zones end today, we felt there had to be a way to keep the party going. We crunched the numbers. We reexamined our maps. We looked to the sky for hidden messages from the blood moon. We wanted to offer the most coverage for the lowest price, for as long as possible. Then, we found it.