Lyft Launches in NYC

Tonight, after making positive progress with local and state leaders, Lyft will launch in all five boroughs of New York City. We’ve finalized an agreement to offer immediate access to our friendly, affordable rides through a TLC-licensed model beginning at 7 p.m. Lyft will serve all corners of the city from Manhattan to Staten Island, starting with a limited beta launch and then a full rollout in coming weeks. Now, residents and visitors looking to travel between boroughs, get to the closest subway station, or head out for a night on the town can easily request a safe and reliable ride.

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Landmark Seattle Vote Secures Future for Ridesharing

Seattle has long been a leader in embracing innovative technology, and today's vote to authorize ridesharing recognizes that regulations can be modernized to allow new industries to thrive while maintaining the highest level of public safety.

We'd like to thank Council Members Bagshaw, Burgess, Clark, Godden, Harrell, Licata, Rasmussen, and Sawant, as well as Mayor Murray for supporting a solution that preserves modern, affordable, and convenient transportation options for residents across the city.

But this victory truly belongs to you. Over the last year, you made your voice heard by contacting City Council, signing petitions, and rallying at City Hall. Thank you for your incredible support.

This groundbreaking agreement will serve as an example to cities around the country, showing that nothing can stop our movement when we work together.

Lyft's Insurance Policy

In 2012, Lyft worked with insurance industry leaders to pioneer our $1M excess liability insurance coverage to protect our community members. We stand behind this policy that, from the beginning, was designed to drop down to the first dollar and act as primary in the case that a driver’s personal policy does not respond. Millions of rides later, the policy has worked as designed and provided excellent coverage for the community. This policy has also been shared and approved by local officials across the country. In other jurisdictions, local leaders have asked us to provide more specific primary coverage.

In response to that feedback from leaders in markets such as New York, California and Seattle, Lyft has voluntarily converted its policy from excess to be primary to a driver’s personal policy during the period from the time a driver accepts a ride request until the time the ride has ended in the app. This major change is part of our continued effort to set the highest standard for trust and safety in transportation.

Insurance Protection at All Times

Lyft is proud of the safety and insurance innovations we've introduced to the ridesharing community. Strong background checks, 19-point vehicle inspections, real-time community ratings and a zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol and violence mean that both passengers and drivers feel safe in our community. Insurance is another important part of the equation and we wanted to add additional detail to conversations happening across the country about how insurance and ridesharing work.

The infographic below provides a snapshot of how Lyft's unique insurance policies compare to other forms of transportation on the road. We provide coverage at all phases of the ridesharing experience, including before a rider and driver are matched up. The decisions regulators make in the coming months will have a significant impact on ridesharing's ability to succeed. We are continuing to work with all stakeholders to make sure that our elected officials get it right.

For more details on how our insurance policies work, visit our FAQ here.

A Historic Moment in Colorado: Ridesharing Bill Signed Into Law

Today marks great progress for the Lyft movement. Governor John Hickenlooper has signed the Transportation Network Company Act into law, making history for Colorado as the first state to authorize ridesharing through a legislative process. This bill was the result of a thoughtful and collaborative discussion with state leaders throughout which the voices of the Lyft community have been instrumental. Your stories, enthusiasm and support helped to drive us forward, and today you’ve been heard.

By creating a common-sense regulatory framework for ridesharing that prioritizes public safety and consumer choice, Colorado has stepped up as leader in welcoming innovative, community-powered transportation options and forging a path for other jurisdictions to follow.

Peer-to-peer transportation options like Lyft benefit the local economy, improve quality of life for residents and visitors alike, and promote safe and affordable rides. We look forward to watching the ridesharing community grow and thrive in the state of Colorado for years to come.

Thank you for your help in reaching this important milestone!

Seattle Update: Supporters Submit Petition Signatures

Thanks to your continued support, more than 36,000 signatures were submitted to the city today, calling for a referendum on the recent ordinance that would severely limit ridesharing in Seattle. By helping cultivate more than double the 16,510 voter signatures needed to put this issue in the hands of voters, you have made it clear that your voice counts.

We are proud to stand behind the coalition that powered this referendum effort. Keeping alternative forms of transportation alive in Seattle will benefit residents, visitors and the city as a whole. Small businesses created by the sharing economy will be able to thrive, and Seattleites will have options for safe, reliable and innovative transportation.

Submitting these signatures prior to today’s deadline automatically suspends the ordinance from taking effect. We will be continuing conversations with Mayor Murray and the city toward a commonsense solution that prioritizes your desire to keep ridesharing in Seattle.

Joined together, your voice is unstoppable. We’ll continue to update the community with news and next steps as we continue this journey with you. Onward!

Lyft Insurance Overview

Since our launch nearly two years ago, we have worked to increase transportation safety by establishing unprecedented background check and driving record standards, creating accountability and trust through in-app feedback and pioneering first-of-its-kind insurance protection to cover both drivers and passengers. To provide more clarity around coverage for drivers and passengers on the Lyft platform, we created a graphic that clearly displays how and when the community is covered. 

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Introducing The P2P Rideshare Insurance Coalition & Additional Insurance Coverages

Introducing The P2P Rideshare Insurance Coalition & Additional Insurance Coverages

Today, we’d like to announce our part in the newly formed Peer-to-Peer Rideshare Insurance Coalition. This working group of transportation companies, regulators, insurance providers, and other stakeholders has come together to address how the insurance industry can continue evolving to support the growing peer-to-peer economy. 

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