San Francisco drivers can’t stop giving back. Last month, more than forty Lyft drivers gathered to deliver disaster delivery kits to homebound Bay Area seniors, who are limited in their ability to purchase goods or prepare meals for themselves. 

Getting the keys to the car used to mean everything. It meant freedom, adventure, and the open road. Today, the road rules us instead, but Lyft is on a mission to change that. Increasing costs, parking headaches, and congestion have chipped away at that freedom. With car ownership now at $9,000/year, what used to be a symbol of the American Dream is now the second highest household expense. 

Lyft wants to get that freedom back. But it’s the freedom of driving without the need for car ownership. Our vision is to improve cities through better transportation, and a cornerstone of this mission is making car ownership optional.

Today at Lyft HQ in San Francisco, we announced exciting new initiatives for our incredible community including the first-of-its-kind Express Pay product, and new partnerships with Shell and Hertz.

We are growing our ecosystem of partnerships and programs that provide Lyft drivers with more tools to achieve their personal goals and dreams. On the heels of Starbucks and Didi Kuaidi announcements, we’re thrilled about more exclusive relationships that benefit the entire Lyft community.

UPDATE (9/23/15) — Last chance for $7 capped Lyft Lines! Our $7 city launch special ends next Thursday — but the savings keep going. Starting 5 p.m. Oct. 29, we’re refreshing the zone with a new deal: Lyft Lines that are always 50% less than original Lyft.