Today at Lyft HQ in San Francisco, we announced exciting new initiatives for our incredible community including the first-of-its-kind Express Pay product, and new partnerships with Shell and Hertz.

We are growing our ecosystem of partnerships and programs that provide Lyft drivers with more tools to achieve their personal goals and dreams. On the heels of Starbucks and Didi Kuaidi announcements, we’re thrilled about more exclusive relationships that benefit the entire Lyft community.

Lyft is proud to recognize four outstanding state legislators with our first-ever Champion of Innovation Awards. These leaders have played critical roles in crafting thoughtful legislation focused on increasing consumer choice and public safety while still allowing ridesharing to grow and thrive.

#WhyILyft: From Chicago Driver Ethan

Like most people, Ethan loved cartoons as a kid. But unlike most, that childhood pastime led to a unique talent: he learned to mimic the characters’ voices flawlessly. Now, as an adult, Ethan's pursuing his dream of becoming a voice actor, and the networking opportunities and flexible schedule of Lyft are helping him get there.

We caught up with Ethan to get the scoop on his Lyft story:

Q: Why did you first start driving with Lyft?

A: I saw a good opportunity and I take a good opportunity.

Q: What's been your favorite Lyft experience so far?

A: When I gave the guitarist of Smoke Green a Lyft ride. It made my week to talk music with such a rad guy.

Q: What’s the vibe like inside your Lyft ride? Do you do anything special for passengers?

A: I usually perform my voices and some jokes for my passengers. I also play in my friend's funky fresh band, Zoo. So my rides are all good vibes and laughter.

Q: What's the most memorable thing a passenger has ever done for you?

A: The best thing a passenger's ever done for me was when I was driving in the early morning. She wanted a donut and got me one too. Best. Tip. Ever.


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For nearly two years, Lyft has partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to promote greater independence for people with Down Syndrome. Last month, we were honored to receive an award at the NDSS’ annual gala for working to transform the way the developmentally disabled community gets around.

Lyft and Southwest Airlines are coming together to make your Dallas Love Field travels easier than ever.

We know airport parking can be a challenge. Why not skip the traffic jam and parking tolls and hop in a Lyft ride? Starting on June 1st, we’ll be working with Southwest to simplify airport travel to Love Field. Dallas travelers: beginning this week, keep an eye out for Lyft ride discounts in your Southwest flight confirmation emails.